The Seine Valley

Some think that Gye sur Seine (The Garde Champetre's village) is the epicenter of the universe. Others simply appreciate its natural beauty. Trout fishing, kayaking and swimming in the Seine are life changing experiences. The Ource, Arce, Barse and Laignes are tributaries nearby. 

We are situated in The Aube, southern Champagne, visiting local wine makers is another highly enriching experience. The Aube traditionally has been considered less prestigious than the Marne. Today the Aube is exploding with dynamic young growers making some of Champagnes best wines. And they are often delighted to welcome the burgeoning arrival of tourisme.

Hiking, biking and motocross are also popular. Essoyes, home town of Jean Renoir, is extremely picturesque and its museum is gaining popularity. Chaource and its famous 12th century church and Veau Castle are 20 minutes from Gye. Not to mention the Fontenay Abbey, one hour from Gye or Vézelay in the Morvan, two World Heritage sites and three star Michelin attractions.

This section will surely be controversial (and evolve) because there are so many attractions. Perhaps the best part of our region is its bucolic, "old France" atmosphere.