The River House, Summary

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The River House (Zen-sur-Seine) is an 18th century three-bedroom house with the Seine River at the end of the garden, in Gyé-sur-Seine. During your stay, you can enjoy its organic vegetable garden. Our restaurant, Le Garde Champêtre, is a peaceful 10-minute walk away,  along the river.


The River House resembles a luxury boutique hotel with the advantages of home living. The decor is minimalist, but comfortable and creative. The rooms have been designed to provide you with maximum tranquility,  spatially, acoustically and creatively. Each room has an elegant full bathroom. A fully equipped kitchen and a living room with a view of the garden and the Seine accompany the rooms.

The house was completely renovated by the architect Alexis Cautain and the interior designer Kelly Lippmann and the work was completed in August 2020. They wanted to create a space where not only delicious vegetables grow, but also philosophy and creativity. They encourage visitors to bring their luggage through the door facing the street and then exit through the garden and river during their stay. This is how you can best enjoy the benefits of the river and Gyé-sur-Seine, the epicenter of the universe.

Gyé-sur-Seine is a typical quiet French village in the south of Champagne. The village and the region are full of great champagne producers who deserve to be known.

The village has a warm and generous community and is increasingly populated by artists and intellectuals charmed by the natural beauty, tranquility and Le Garde Champêtre.

Gyé-sur-Seine is only 220 km east of Paris, between Troyes and Châtillon, in the beautiful Aube region. The train station of Vendeuvre-sur-Barse, 20 minutes from Gyé, is 1 hour and 45 minutes by train from Paris. Transportation to Gyé from Vendeuvre can be arranged.