The Farm

Our farm El Rincon de Piedras  was named after Juan Sanchez's grandfather's farm in Camaguey Cuba which means corner of the rocks. 

Besides being a hommage to his grandfather ,our field was riddled with rocks so the name seemed appropriate. 

Though not certified, our farm is entirely organic. Suzane Christensen, our head gardener, works in tandem with Chef Kazuya in accompaning him in his culinary explorations. 

Our main objective is to provide the maximum diversity with a focus on  heirmloom vaireties and to become as self-sufficient as possible.. Our farm boasts around 300 varieties on any given growing season. 

A mobile chicken coop provides home for our 20 plus chickens which enthuastically keep our fileds clean and provide us with our amazing eggs as an added bonus. 

Our clients are welcome to stroll our gardens .....with a glass of champagne in hand.