The restaurant "Le Garde Champetre" is inspired by the historic work of a guard-champêtre, protector of the rural environment.

Monsieur Droze, the last Garde Champêtre of Gye sur Seine, retired at age 82. He was exceptional.

Renegade bees? Call monsieur Droze.  Someone poaching wildlife? Call monsieur Droze.  A dance in Polisot?  Monsieur Droze, ever-present Gitane dangling from his mouth, would jump on his Solex  (equipped with a megaphone) and ride through the streets spreading the news.

Our food is grown on our oranic farm or sourced locally by the best producers of the region. Everything is prepared "a la minute." We strive for the ideal of French cooking: great ingredients and intense healthy tastes. Creation is divine. Restraint is better.

More than a restaurant, the garde also offers cultural events. Like the former garde champetres, we aim to enhance social interaction and build community spirit. A game area for children, boules and  badminton are available to the community, not just clients of the restaurant.

We opened in September 2018 and consider ourselves a revolution in progress.

Reservations: via ou booking page

Lunch: Tuesday to Saturday. (18 euro, three course menu during the week)
Dinner: Thursday, Friday or Saturday.  Chef's menu,  4 dishes plus "amuse bouche," 32 euros. Menu available for full table only. Otherwise "a la carte" for the table.
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