The restaurant

In an abandoned train depot, on the edge of our organic farm, we have created a culinary paradise!

 The food is carefully prepared to make the most  of each ingredient. We use an open fire, unparalleled as a heat source, for most of our cuisine. Roasted succulent meats slowly turning on the edges of the hearth, grilled vegetables over an open fire, welcome our guests.

We do not make fancy spirals on the plate. We avoid rich sauces. Instead, we focus on the freshest and highest quality ingredients, always prepared "a la minute," to ensure authentic and satisfying taste and nutrition.

90 percent of our fruits and vegetables are produced on the farm. All our meat producers are local and personally known by our staff.

We offer a choice of two starters, two main courses and one or two desserts, deliberately limiting our menu to ensure the best quality. Three course,18 euro lunch, five course, 32 euro dinner.

The dining atmosphere is also really remarkable. Seven meter high ceilings, giant picture windows, the kitchen and the fireplace right in the dining room, create a peaceful yet exciting dining experience. In summer a large terrace overlooks a field of horses and a forested hill of the Seine Valley.

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